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I just remeber when he was thei for me and would always comfort me i told him everything he told me thi gs we trusted each other I told him about this guy I thought was cute once and then he said so many things I didn't know about that guy and it even made me like him better bc I could tell he actually listened he always asked me out on dates but I knew I would never be aloud to go and of course I said no but the we started hanging out at lunch it was fun kinda lol and you remember the guy I told him about he started hanging out with him then everything changed I lost him he just did stuff with those guys he changed I felt everything shift off and its so sad bc I when I look back I knew I could have did smt but life goes on too fast and we haven't talked in so long I don't wanna text because I feel like I'm gonna bother him and its stressing me out to the point where I want to commit I know its sounds bad but I won't to do it like I texted him back but I could tell he lost interest I regret every thing now I feel like he showed his new friends everything and like idk at this point