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this is a shit hole of a school.

hi! i come from a catholic school. in the country where i live, catholic schools are the best and where i am currently studying is the best of them all, it's a private- all girl's school, to which i can most probably say that i am very privilaged to be in. there's just one problem. the school doesn't really care. they don't. and there was a time when two people tried to commit suicide on the third floor, both in elementary and high school. you know what their solution is? they just placed some rails up on the third floor in elementary and the didn't do anything in high school (since i am in high school, i know for a fact that they just quieted down) and soon it was forgotten. there was no mental health awareness or anything except for the billboard near the nurse's office that's way too small and has way too little information in it, and it says with small letters in a font which looks like comic sans "september is suicide prevention month". ngl this school just adds to the burden if you do have depression or have suicidal thoughts (believe me, i know someone). and this distance learning made it harder to the point that they ask for suggestions but they just wipe their butts with it. the only problem is that they have the audacity to give lots of modules for us to work on, two long quizzes but they don't actually return them, they will return them after the students pass their transfer tasks (which accounts to more than i think 30% of the grade). i'm speaking as someone who everyone thinks is smart (but is actually not), this shit sucks. and the worse story that i can tell you is that i'm not the only one, everyone seems to be tired of the endless polls and the gathering of suggestions which is very ironic because they don't seem to use it. And i will say that me feeling like i've failed and being sleep deprived is bringing up things that i thought i forgot already, also with the things that i've shoved to the back of my mind.

+for you to know how extreme this is, take note that i once had to sew a mask for a project at 3 am with a sewing machine. and the fact that they made saturday and sunday included in the "break".