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uhhh where should i start. i dont cry much as i used to. like yk crying in the middle of the night feeling empty inside. i always involved myself in stupid arguments. they shouldn't last long for weeks but they did. had enough of biting my hand to stop the sobbing and scratching myself to suppress my feelings. to this day i still can't get over the past cus i still cry when i think long about it but i try not to. honestly it feels good to release pent up feelings. i can just cry until i cant anymore. i wasn't always an emotional person but now i am. im getting good at managing my emotions so thats great. i like to think that all the suffering and hurtful moments i went through are helping me to become strong so i wont crumble down in the future :')

um i like cats more than boys. cant get it why are my friends have crushes and dreaming about having relationships. im not too keen to put my energy at searching for s/o to be my companion for the rest of my life. i rather take care of 50 cats than taking care or man child adult + kids. but im obsessed with romance kdramas so lemme fantasise them in my wildest dream.

what else i should tell u humans. my goals are to be working in hospital, travelling around the world and have 2 cats in my own flat. also i would love to treat myself with luxury once in a while cus i dont have mouths to feed other than cats. *sigh* i guess i have to study hard so they will come true

can u see that im the one who understands u. baby just say yes. someday i will living in big old city. missin u was dark grey all alone. to lift not one but both of us. thats when i am finally clean. big reputation. oh cus shes dead. wreck my plans thats my man. what must it be like to grow up that beautiful