this is for you who have insecurities

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why i'm so ugly?

why i'm so stupid?

why i can't do anything well?

so guys, actually i have that questions today. i'm so stress and i wanna die.

buy yeah, i still love my self, i love my family, i love all of my friends, and i try love my life.

sometimes we are sad because of our shortcomings, but here is it.

listen to me. we can't make everyone love us. we can't, NEVER.

so, Cmonnn! it's time to wake up!! look around you!

there are only a few people who don't like you, it doesn't mean you failed in your life. there are still A LOT of people out there who like you. you should know this. we can never live up to everyone's expectations. most importantly, be yourself, and do the things you like. enjoy your life and focus on your goals, to be happy.

fyi, my goal in life is to get rich in my own way. focus on your efforts, and ignore those who get in your way.

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