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this is not ok pt.2 (TWs)

i wanna say thanks to the writer of Observant, im glad you understand what i trying to say. im in a better mood today so ill try not to be as harsh.

i guess ill just go over some things like last time. (again - trigger warnings for language, mentions of homosexuality)

4. love and relationships

  • this one will probably sound a bit stupid, but the way society portrays relationships is just idiotic. there are two parts to this argument, those who create content, and those who consume the content. for the creators, im talking about things like those online news articles that are crammed into your face every time you open a tab. im not bothered if a celebrity comes out as gay. i dont give a sh*t if someone i dont even know has had an affair. and i dont think many people do. i havent got anything against homosexuals or any other part of the lgbtq community, but if im not directly involved, then its none of my business. and none of yours either.

5. the media

  • elaborating on before, i just cant take the media seriously anymore. its one of the main reasons i cant be happy for an entire day. that may sound edgy, but i mean it. every time i hear something on the news or see something on the internet, my mood just drops, because they exaggerate and exaggerate. thats all they do. just to get you to click on a pop up, or subscribe to their company. again, the people who work there probably dont have a choice if they wanna get paid. im not saying all parts of the media are bad though. i know a bunch of websites with great potential, this being one of them. its just that some areas have been let down by the others.

thanks for reading. if i do make a part 3, ill take suggestions. feel free to explain your issues aswell. bye.