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this is to my ex

hey lovely, how are you? did you eat today? do anything fun? now listen, i know you don’t like me but i just want to say something. why did you do it? you always said that you wanted to be with me forever and ever. for god sake you even said that you loved me before i even liked you. everything that you ever said to me made me feel like i was on top of the world. you made me smile so much that a jaw hurt. you always made time for me, even when you had so much more to do with your day. i loved the way you would always say that you loved me and gave me confidence at my lowest and it was amazing when you always tried to say that you loved me in every way possible. it’s just that, the day we broke up was the happiest day of my life. we dated for about 10 months and around the 8th month you started to be different. you were very distant, you never called me, never wanted to see me, you hated when i asked about you and i only did it because you would talk to me yourself. you started to be extremely rude and call me a slut and a whore all the time and every time i felt pretty i would tell you and your response was always “holy fuck your so full of yourself, like shut the fuck up.” i hated it so much, but i just couldn’t leave you. i loved the idea of being happy but you never made me feel that way anymore. i wanted to break up with you for so long but i just couldn’t. and your pranks were never funny, they just hurt. you friend told me you got in a car accident and that you died and obviously i didn’t believe him but the fact that after you told me that you did get into an accident but you didn’t get hurt and i was relieved but then you just had to say “well i guess since you didn’t believe him i can’t talk to you for at least a week” like what the fuck. all after that you cheated on my four times and told me that i was a horrible person and that nobody deserves me. why would you do that. what happened to the sweet person that i used to know, the one who would hate to see me sad and couldn’t stand a day without me. you have ruined any type of love for me just because you made me believe that i couldn’t find someone better than you and i never will be good enough. i know that it’s not true but the way that you just had to say it to my face, screaming at me and saying that i’m worthless. i hate that you did this to me but i especially hate that even if you asked for me back, i would say yes in a heartbeat.

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Re: this is to my ex

Oh girl... Sorry to hear about how life turned for both pf you...my story is a bit similar to this, the first few lines were so familiar.

Life and people change in an instant, it can be for the good or the other way. I have no advice but fo you. Just wanna say thank you for sharing. Means a lot.