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This Mission is for reporting the abusers and whoever is able to travel and acquire things in USA

I’m creating this mission for reporting the abusers and whoever is able to travel within USA (especially by vehicle) and acquire things (online/store other payments)

Reporting abusers: 

gather evidence, information, of them treating me improperly to prepare for exposing them to public and bring them to justice 

Travel to places: 

if you from USA and can drive long distances (I’m from Charles City VA near ruthville)

i need be prepared to leave when a crisis occurs that time (I don’t own a car)

Acquiring things: 

I need help with buying paying for things cause my tuition money is being used by the abusers if you can help me pay over the



Current house with a blue ramp I live in from Charles City Virginia near ruthville 



The abuser name Renee works for colonial Williamsburg hotel in Virginia who constantly scolds and hits me, forces my clothes off holding my arms and watches me without undergarments that I’m not allowed to wear, uses my tuition money, taking away destroying my personal belongings and don’t let me buy important things for myself treating me anyhow improperly on purpose 


105 Visitor Center Dr Williamsburg,VA 23185 United States

Other Hotel:

136 Francis St Williamsburg, VA 23185 United States


The abusers who’s gonna work for the amazon company (Jacinda also uses another name “cherry powers” on social media) the other sister (nadege who also uses a name I believe is call “topspygirl” or Korea stuff on social media) all wears constantly black clothing and wigs to hide their identity they scolds treating me rough trying to get me in trouble for saying false things about me 

 The other abuser name Walter in the same house does the same allegations as the other abusers scolds treating me rough 


If you willing and able to help please email me

the1100superm [at] gmail.com

or add discord