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Those who care and those who fear

We sit and ponder in our solitude, whilst endless thoughts run through our heads. Every day is like a walk and you just have to keep going... that’s what they say, right?

well what they don’t tell you is... every day we add weight to our pockets, and each hurt, pain, tragedy or suffering we endure is a boulder wedged into our skin, which makes it harder and harder to walk every day. Yes... over time we learn to walk with that weight, but it is always there. Others may temporarily help you with that weight, but at any moment they could let go when they choose. Those who truly care and love you will continuously carry the weight through the walk no matter what conflict. However, it is important to create a distinction between those who care and those who fear. Those who uplift those weights with you during your walks each day... they care about you, but those who left you to carry it alone and come when boulders come tumbling down... they are the ones who only fear. Those who fear do not want the weight to crush you because pieces will fall onto them too in forms of guilt, regret and sadness. They won’t be there to help you with the weight, only when it is about to crush you, they are okay with you carrying all that pain and suffering, as long as you are still there. That is the difference between your friends that care and your “friends” that fear. Don’t count on the people who plan on cherishing you when you’re gone, count on those who cherish you while you’re here.