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Trigger warning

This will be a harsh thing to say and will not impress a lot of folk especially those who have lost someone due to this(so have I) but see, i've struggled with mental health issues for so long and came to a conclusion- I am very very jealous of people who have ended their suffering. I know we miss them and they left so many behind but in my mind it's just - leaving is so much better than staying and not knowing why. 

Why this suffering, why constant misery, why constant overthinking and sadness.

Why telling people how you feel for them to not understand or even worse - use it against you! 

Why sleepless nights and why nights I don't remember due to trying to numb the pain. 

Why letting people in for them to walk out when they realise how messed up i am? 

Why having people i love tell me to "fix myself" when i'm doing the best i can?

Why all the worthless scars  I have  on my body if I can't even do that one thing right?

Why act stong 24/7 if i'm too weak to do one thing right? 

Why it became torture instead of being life?

So many why's and not enough answers.

Rant over. 😭

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Re why? Reply.

Why do u think everything you do is wrong?

Why do you think you can not do anything right?


Humans as a whole have one thing in common.

Its quit natural too.

Not a bad thing.

Just human nature

The thoughts that you think

Others are think about you

Are in reality the thought

You are thinking about yourself.

So the next time you think

Some one is thinking things about you

( What the fuck? He cant even.....)

Take a step back

And a moment

And realize,

Those are the thoughts you are thinking of yourself.

Most people are not in fact thinking of you.

They are thinking about themselves,

(Dude, can he tell i dont I dont know what im doing)?

( Fuck, do they know i put on these same pants two days ago?)

(Theor staring at my pimple!)

Thats whats running through their head as you arebusy chasing your own

( Fuck, i fucked that one up.)

(Crap, is that even the right way?)

Stop being so hard on yourself.

Fake it till you make it.

The rest of the world is doing the same thing.