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How are people so sure that they live when there's no inherent meaning in life ?

Is there really something in life or are we just afraid to not exist anymore ?

When we know that we will die one day and be separated from our loved ones why do we try to grow it everyday instead of getting more selfish and caring a bit more for ourselves?

And why do people accept God or No god . But why should we accept something that others gave us can't we create one of our own . It will be one of our own ridiculous creation but we'll be happy and satisfied because it'll be our truth and with our growth our truth and understanding will grow.

And why is anyone reading what I write instead of writing something, everyone's an idiot here.

So let's enjoy our stupidity.

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Re: Thoughts

It's easier to read then write.

I guess there is meaning to life. As small as it is two things give me meaning, art and my friends, and the moments when they are happy.

Yeah in the grand scheme it's all meaningless but... we are unable, in our stupitidy, to understand the grand scheme. Humans are primitive enough to find meaning in little, meaningless bullshit such as themselves.