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I feel a sense of disgust every time I walk by a homeless person, including (or especially) if they look like they're passed out drunk or on drugs. I generally think that they are where they are in life because of poor decisions they've made, and they don't deserve anything that they're not willing to work for.

I think people who hate on the wealthy, and are anti-capitalist, pro higher taxes on the rich, etc, are just jealous of all the people that are more successful than them. If they were richer they'd probably change their minds and support pro-business and fiscally conservative policies.

I think all normal, red-blooded, heterosexual, testosterone-fueled males, are sexually attracted to young, nubile, slim/fit teenagers (post-puberty, like 14 to 19 years old). They're just ashamed to admit it or think (correctly) that society and the powers-that-be will shame them for it.