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Three, j

An art piece

Your tanned skin 

Yearned for touch

Your brown eyes

Melted into honey

With warm sunlight 

Your soft lips

Pink as roses

As if begging 

To be kissed

Slowly curved upward

As if unconsciously

Every single time

The pet name 

You gave me

Escaped ur lips

“Know it all”

All the words

You have said

Circle my mind

Over and over 

Yet not like 

The three words 

You haven’t said

The three words

I longed for 

“I love you”

I beg that the universe finds it way to get this poem to someone I really cared about before. Words cannot describe what I want to tell her after all these years, but maybe a poem can. I would do anything to go back to the way it was with her before, but life is not that easy. I hope this finds her well.

Love, t