fucking dimwits

Throwing out logic for family

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My girlfriends has gone off the fucking rails for thanksgiving. After quarantining for 8 fucking months, we just throw it all out of the window to visit her ignorant midwest family. Throwing all logic out, we visit her dumbass family who doesn’t wear masks, visits public attractions like theme parks because they’re cheap now, and believe it won’t affect them. So now my health is at risk to appease these fucking dimwits since I’m more at risk because of a health condition.

on top of that, she accuses me of being bratty when I complained the local Mexican place fucked up our order and severed her and her sister spoiled shrimp which reeked of ammonia. I also didn’t get half of my meal because they fucked up. But I guess it’s all okay because we’re in bum fuck wherever and we have to appease the illiterate knuckle staggers related to her. Fuck the holidays and stupid ass relatives