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Time for a change.

I had my last junk meal today. When I was younger I was athletic, fit, and took really good care of myself. It all changed around my late teens though. I started making trips to McDonalds with friends after school 3 times a week. I got lazy, started sleeping later, stopped playing sports(hockey & football), and started spending more time in the house.

My diet is abysmal. There’s days where I won’t hesitate to get Taco Bell for lunch and call for Chinese takeouts 4 hours later. I think I visit at least one fast food or takeout restaurant every day. I love that sort of stuff but I know it’s not good for me.

The thing that bothers me most is when I put my hockey jersey on and I not only feel like the Kool-Aid guy but look like him too.

Today I decided that’s time for a change. I stopped at the grocery store and instead of the usual junk food I went for things that are actually good for me. For instance :

chicken breasts








I’ve gotta get back in shape, but I know a diet alone isn’t good enough. I’ll have to start working out again, lifting weights, running, and maybe even getting a bike to ride.

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Re: Time for a change.

Super proud of you, dear person! keep it up :)