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Time structuring

The flow of time is like a mass of energy, like water, constantly flowing towards points of gravity; at these points structured energy form where from material springs and structures - even biotechnologically which in turn alter the flow forming trajectories of fate and even massive flows originating from constant [need, lack, wanting, desiring, seeking, craving] of countless [lives, objects, beings, circumstances, ..] shaping events and things in the world to a point where things can seem so set that it’s the nature of reality. Mankind but another biotechnological structural manifestation, a restructuring of the existing structuring in turn performing the function of restructurence.

Look around you, look at objects and events and recognize that each is with a unique flow in time; some things attach to the past and some things driven by future expectance in such as fateflows. The idea of past, future and now fade as some of that around one exist in the past and some in the future - a time-locational attribute. Care about ecological, vegan ways, breatharian unlocked religious fasting and fairtrade - the time structures become healthier and thus the available time increase as well as the liking of you being with time due to the well spent surplus.