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Tip Of The Iceberg.

Seriously, life is just hilarious! We all have come to this place where we can share our deepest sentiments and secrets yet we can't help each other physically, you know, just be there telling 'it's okay, I hear you out". I guess we have been made like that, we carry our problems thinking it's a bigger muddle than anybody else's. But, aren't problems problems? is there a measure? Well, we won't know that till we be that person who cries out.

Just a reminder for anybody or everybody who is reading this, when someone tells you they are upset or sad......don't go to advice them right away....DO NOT ....and I meant it, DO NOT ever tell them 'that is a small problem, don't cry for that" because it might be something more than that, maybe just a tip of the iceberg.

And to all those reading this, there is always a rainbow at the end of a storm. I promise you.