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I have grown tired of my own bullshit. If I can't change my bipolar impulses, depression, and emotional immaturity then I deserve whatever stress I put on myself. I have been incredibly rude to everyone that has supported me. They gave me their time, and I wasted it because it has been extremely difficult to change. And I still haven't changed. It's "their" fault "they" have no idea how much "they" really messed me up when they raised us. And now I can't seem to heal the trauma. So I quit. I quit everything. I quit life since I can't handle anything anymore. I am no longer a person who deserves empathy. I don't consider myself a person anymore I'm just a thing too broken and ungrateful to ever be happy, despite the years of hard work I spent trying to change. It's futile, and I quit life. There was never a time when I wasn't miserable to some extent.