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I want to be dead but i love my boyfriend so much and i am afraid that it is going to ruin hım. İ cant do it with my life anymore but i am just scared. All that matters in mu life is hım, it keeps me going when i am with hım. But i cant be like this forever i have no life and no energy to lige anymore. İts been years and depression keeps coming back and i tried a lot but it gets worse. İ just want it all to be over.

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i am so sorry you are feeling like this. I have just clicked on this website to upload my own post, but I noticed your post and I couldn’t ignore it. When I first started going out with my girlfriend, I learnt that she had severe depression, I didn’t know what to do with this so I researched it for ages, afterward I realised that no matter what I wanted to be there for her. I supported her as she started counselling, whenever she felt down she rang or messaged me and we spoke. She had so many down days, but then she also started to have more good days. Especially when she was prescribed anti-depressant drugs, this really made a difference. Does your boyfriend know how you feel? If not, telling him may help you. There is still so much hope, you can get better, day by day. It may take time but you can get there. When I first went out with my girlfriend I was scared about what might happen, I was scared she might do something. But now she is a completely different person, she barely has any down days, she’s so happy. All it took was time and a bit of perseverance. You can become happy, don’t let depression define who you are. I really hope this helps, please message if you have any more questions or want anything else

Not sure there's much point in hurrying something that will come soon enough... And your probably right that you don't have a life, but you have perspective and if it's true that change is the only constant in life so will your perspective, wouldn't bother on trying.. change is something that usually something that constantly happens one of many reasons why it wouldn't is because there's something stopping that, also having things that keep is going might also be questionable since nothing lasts forever, perhaps a solid place to be is in a position of looking at things in a detached way things that stop change should be treated like the same as remembering what you are this time last year un important you couldn't care or remember if you tried...