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I can’t sleep I’m i’m having trouble sleeping I’m really horny and sexually frustrated I’m in love with the straight guy I don’t believe he straight she always looks at me really sexually and I think he wants to fuck me really hard and I’m in love with this multi millionaire drummer him he’s really high and I had a vision of him fucking me the other night and it was so hot and it felt so real and I just want to have sex with him and I want to have sex with this other guy Bradley why am I afraid to say his name I want to see the fuck I am on here I’m so sexually frustrated and I am terrified of my dreams I want to be a superstar I am a superstar but I’m terrified to be famous because Of social media and the crazy people out there who talk I’ll kinds of crazy shit and I don’t know if I can go through that again and I’m also gay so I’m afraid that I’ll be assassinated by some Middle Eastern guy he doesn’t like gay people or raped or something and I know I have what it takes I can hire a security guard in the security team I just want to feel safe and loved and like I’m being of service to humanity using my Arts and my talents can anyone relate to this is anyone else horny what the fuck