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I'm exhausted.

I'm exhausted of faking a smile, not doing anything all day, laying in bed day to night, crying myself to sleep. I'm so tired all the time it just feels like I don't get enough sleep although I sleep a lot.

I'm tired of my parents shouting at me, I'm tired of being blamed for everything wrong in the house. I'm tired of having to be the only one who washes the dishes. Tired of always having to support others when all they do is prove me wrong and shove me to the side. Tired of my phone being dry all the time. Tired of not having friends or people who care about me.

I'm so fucking pathetic.

Lately I haven't been in the mood for anything. I don't feel like talking to anyone because no one even wants to talk. I don't feel like eating much. I just want to live in peace with myself. I want to be alone. Maybe I'll change my mind and socialize again, but for now, I'm happy in my bubble.

I started writing here because I tend to bottle up stuff that happens to me and I can't really talk to anyone cause nobody takes me seriously. Maybe it's cause of my fetus voice or the fact that I don't look my age or I don't look like I should be sad, but idk. Every single time I try to express my feelings the person I'm talking to says: "hashtag I'm 14 and that's so deep." They think I'm joking or something. Just feels like no one cares. That's fine but I wish at least one person would.

I'm sorry.

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Re: Tired.

I know exactly what you mean. I'm sorry your people aren't there for you how you need them to be. It's frustrating and so hard to find anyone who will listen intently and actively so you know your being heard for a change. But when you find that person just know you'll get 2 ears 2 eyes another heart and another brain to go over any and every big lil humongous or miniature issue you face.