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I just don't know what is happening with my life. Its been 2 years since i have talked with any of my friends and seriously been happy .Firstly I have the pressure of going into the college and make my life better but now I don't know what is going to happen .I am afraid that what if I didn't score well or my life wouldn't change .

My whole life I had nothing but my dreams keeping me alive . I worked hard but my life is not changing a bit . I am tired of looking outside of the window and seeing the sky and reminding me one day i will get out and achieve all my dreams .I am literally tired .I just dont feel anything now . I THINK NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE AND I AM GOING TO ROT FOREVER IN MY ROOM WHERE I HAVE SPENT 5 YEARS THINKING ONE DAY I MY DREAMS WILL BE A REALITY.

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