To a boy with hormones

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I am just another boy with hormones at full flow desperate for sex.

I keep my distance in a crowded bus, when someone expresses discomfort.

I bend my head down while walking on a street instead of looking straight into a girl's eyes, because I know how frightened she might feel when she's walking alone and someone's just staring at her

Even if she's my friend I ask if I can hug her, even if she's my friend I ask if I can put my hands around her, even if she's my girlfriend I ask if I can kiss her

Even when she shares her deepest darkest secret, even when she shares her pictures, I keep them safe with me no matter if we are in terms later or no

I am the same guy with full flow of hormones -desperate for sex. But when someone says no, I respect that.

It's hard sometimes when I am so desperate and have no one to have sex with, hut that doesn't mean I can force it on someone

Let me tell this, if you think you deserve respect, care, your personal space, freedom.. Girls deserve exactly the same. They are just as equal as you

So this is from a boy who's desperate for sex to another boy - no matter what you feel, you just can't force something on someone. And if you can't make her feel safe, just atleast don't bother her please!