To all the bullied kids

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To the nerd of all classes,

those who think you’re intelligent just because you’re wearing glasses,

just cause TV got you thinking pimples make you ugly,

just cause some idiot said you’re unworthy,

they don’t deserve your time,

each minute costs three times more than expensive wine,

so let them whine like kids who want what they can’t have,

Haters be hating on all of this shit,

players be playing but I’m over it,

tell yourself to pack up and leave,

cause this place is just too cheap.

cutting that wrist won’t make someone automatically tell you to live,

cause some just have trash for brains and you don’t need it.

your neck ain’t for choking,

you think I’m joking?

you should try and just use your fists,

against the so called world that we live in,

where fuckers get to rule this thing,

if the so called popular ones run this world,

you be owning the entire galaxy, girl.

doenst matter wats on yo face,

mama didn’t raise you to think you’re a disgrace,

im talkin bout yo mama earth

not just the one that gave you birth.

live just to annoy those kids who want you dead,

and we’ll see how they get upset.

grab your popcorn and once we’re done, you’ll be over it.

(I don’t usually swear but boiiiii am I mad at my bullies. I had enough so I decided to fight back. You can too. We aren’t weak. We were just not prepared enough.)