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TO all the people who hate me

you hate me aww.. i do get a fuck that's why I'm writing this

So your sister has a big house and a ton of gold so what can I do ?????

your having stomach pain Did i ask you to come ?

can you just stop creating a big drama every single time

shame on you bitch you are unemployed and a low class gold digger, just because your father had a ton land and you get big money selling it doesn't make you great . The apple doesn't fall far from the tree !!!! you spoiled daughter is one of the fakest people I have ever met in my life. It's not her fault ,all the abusing ,criticizing and scolding made her like that. you truly show the lowest standards one can have . GOD will repay all the suffering and pain you cause foe others .KARMA IS A BITCH IT SPARES ON ONE.