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To anyone who got bullied

Sup, im ur friendly neighborhood bully. IM TRYING TO HELP U. U have to understand, if u get bullied at school, there are a few reasons for that and there not personal. This mostly works for when a guy bullies u.

If some rando at skl starts roasting u randomly, its for his own pleasure. Ive been putting a leash on myself an i dont really say anything to anyone apart from my friends. When someone bullies you it's because its fun. Theres nothing else to do. Its never evere personal. EVER. If it has been really affecting u just ingnore him. Tell him to suck a d*ck and have a nice day. You have to convince urself that its not that big of a deal. If says smt to u, u can roast him back and leave. This bullying shouldnt be persistent either.

Some reasons that someone is bullying you is that they were grown up like that. For example, my mom, playfully makes fun of me all the time. (Im indian btw) She says alsorts of bs to me and its funny. I also say it back and its no biggy. Another reason is that all their friends are like that. They make fun of him to an extent that he get so used to it he doesnt realise what hes doing. It happend to me and some dude kicked me in the face for it, luckly i do martial arts. The last reason is that there depressed little shits. Like me we have nothing to do ever and we feel empty inside. I dont get girls so i revert to making fun of them cuz fuck em. We do it cuz we cant find anything else that makes us feel good bout ourselves so we try and put down others.

If someone is targeting you, there is probably a reason. Something that you might have done by accident and now they hate u. Im not to sure because i havent seen it before. People might pick on u because they think ur week. Dont act like ur in a movie because you saying something back, especially something with passion will only encourage them more. Just ignore it.

Hopefully this helps, im not sure. But remember, its never personal. If you dont react theyll stop mostlikely.

stay strong scrub ✊