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To Guy I Will Never Forget(I pray)

There were days when I remembered ever so vividly the time where I was riding the bus to home, my head leaning on the glass window pane, watching the view of Never-ending houses, landscape and people...easing the sleepiness and the boredom. It was a late December morning and I was heading home, I scooted away from the man on my side, because of uneasiness. As I look over the window, I have noticed the bus passing by your street and I suddenly remembered you. It had been seven months since I last saw you and we haven't spoken a word even before that. We were never really used at saying hi or even gave a simple wave lest conversing for hours. It was that I was used by your presence that I felt a part of me was lost the moment I've decided to leave home, and you are home.

I was overwhelmed by the homesickness I've felt for you that I thought the figure before me was only a dream, but when I blinked several times I saw you...there,in your red basketball Jersey and was about to cross the road. I sat right up and just sat there, looking stupidly at you, missing you...longing for you, unconsciously my tears poured like rain drizzling in the middle of a sunny day. I was not sad, I was overjoyed. For the last months, I haven't seen even a shadow of you. Happy was an understatement that time, I've called my sister while sobbing, and told her I've seen you, she was happy too and I do not know the reason why, because she doesn't approve of you. Until the bus halted, I felt giddy and I can't stop grinning from ear to ear, even though you haven't seen me, I was contented.

Up until now you continued to invade my mind with the thought of how are you doing, where are you now, for days. Even my dreams were of you,retelling the past, of how you were always there subtly, the feeling of heat radiating from your shoulders as they bump with mine and when you suddenly held my hand when they were cold as corpse and brought warmth in me.

I just remembered you that's all, because I was thinking about you and I dreamt of you. I just kinda...miss you. That's all. 

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Re: To Guy I Will Never Forget(I pray)

It's really a good experience. Hope you meet home again.And you did describe it in a way that made me a bit emotional it was really so sweet and the words you used were perfectly matched with the emotions and apparently made me wrote this. I guess you would be guy I never forget atleast whenever I see rain drizzling in a sunny day😉. Thank you.