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Hi M, you know who you are. We play pickleball together. Anyways I have a soft spot for you. You make me blush and you make me happy. I remember the first day I met you. We played a game of pb together. I got tired and laid on the court. You told me "what are you doing S, get up". That was about 3 months ago. I don't get tired anymore because I'm in shape lol. I haven't seen you since Monday. I have been staying home because I need to do my homework. I'm really behind in school but I'm getting my grades up. I will see you Sunday in my tiffany blue skirt that you love. I'm kind of miserable here, my mom always yells at me all the time. I cant wait to start playing pb again. In 5 months ill be playing tournys. Maybe we can play one together. Anyways till Sunday bruh.