to my favourite artist

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People seem to do this so I'm gonna try it I guess.

I know we've only talked for a couple of days, but I think of you often enough for it to worry me. Every time you post a new drawing of yours I like it. The way you interact with your followers and how good your art is inspires me, but every time I try it myself I always fail. Your art has bold lines, nice shading, fun characters, and always turns out perfect even if you don't think so. My art is plain, not shaded, messy, and looks immature. I wish I could draw like you do. I wish we could be friends. I wish I had the courage and the social skills to properly talk to you. I have so much anxiety. We have so many shared interests. I inspired a character loosely on one of yours. You wouldn't like my art though. You draw humans mainly. I can only draw dogs from a profile view. I wish we could be friends but I've had so much anxiety over you. Every time I open instagram and see your icon I feel a wave of dread. Many people would say I should just forget about you since the mere thought of you causes me so much terror, but I can't go back at this point. All we've talked about are my pets. I'm sorry I didn't have the courage to bring up JoJo's or something else you would've liked talking about more. I just didn't have the courage. I love the story you recently started making comics for. The characters are so cool and every time I see one I want to try to make my own. My characters are boring and nobody seems to care about them. Plus, I'm a furry. Nobody other than other furries are gonna like my art. I remember you were planning on making a game. I was gonna make a game back when I was a little kid. My dad is a programmer so I really wanted to make a cool game with my characters in it with him. Before I contacted you I had the idea maybe we could make a separate game together? I don't know, it was just a thought. I'm so sorry that I even contacted you. I know I stopped so abruptly but my mom said it might've seemed creepy since I was contacting you every day. So I got nervous and stopped. I know it's hard to believe but I look up to you so much. I just wish we could be friends, but I've been procrastinating talking to you again for so long. today I saw you were active when I opened instagram. I couldn't do it. I just wish my anxiety went away. I know we would make good friends. I'm sorry for my awkwardness. I wish I could get over all of this. I hate my anxiety so much.