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To my friends with depression

There are millions of articles, blogs, studies,and you name it.. everything about depression..it's available online.. but as a person diagnosed with moderate to severe depression, and currently going through a relapse, I would like to share a few stuff about how I feel and my thoughts on depression.. it's to vent out myself as well as to help other patients to understand that you are not alone.. I'm a doctor, married and have a wonderful daughter. From outside my life is perfect. But I've been going through several relapses. My husband and mother is trying to be very supportive, but deep inside they still believe that it's a character flaw or inefficiency rather than a disease. When I become very frustrated during a relapse or an impending one, they get frustrated even more and start fighting. So what I would like to tell people who deal with this disease is

1) don't expect people to understand you. They won't , unless they have gone through similar stuff

2)you believe in yourself. I'm not talking about the "I can do this" belief.. I'm talking about "this is not because I'm a bad /lazy/inefficient person. This is a disease. And I have to face it accordingly"

3) don't skip your medicines. I would like to admit it more than I like..I skip it so many times. This is a disease which will make you feel like "I will never get rid of this" during a relapse and "I don't have a disease, I'm a bit slow..that's all" during remission

4) forgive or atleast ignore people who say all this is because you are not motivated or or lazy or inefficient or even a bad person.. because you know how many times you yourself has wondered if you actually have a disease or this is just you..

5) depression will soon overtake even cardiac disease as the most common disease, and will affect atleast 1/3rd population. It's an attempt of nature , as a part of evolution to reduce the population.. YES, EVEN IN THIS MODERN TIMES, DARWINS SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST holds true.. it's just in a different form..

6) so, try to fit in..that will be easier if you decide to live with this.. it might seem very hard, or impossible.. but it is possible never give up

7)you know the normal stuffs which are supposed to help exercise, songs, sleep, good food blah blah blah.. but anyone who have experienced a moderate to severe depression knows the difficulty and effort you have to put to get out of bed. So when you get to that stage these will help..a) try to get some free time.. it's ok of you lie in bed for a full day..no one expects a person with fractured leg to run and heal it..you put a cast, and lie down for a few days.. similarly, if your mind is broken, just give it some rest.. bit also remember, just like a fractured leg in cast need physiotherapy, our mind also need a little bit of work..so try to do the basic stuffs.. brushing, eating and going to toilet..yes. these are achievement. As a doctor and patient, I can assure you that. Have some (not too much) of chocolate..