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Honestly I don’t know if i’m an asshole or something but she it 23 and I am 15. All she does is drink and smoke heavily. It wouldn’t be a problem if she was responsible about it and did not always get angry easily and have mood swings all the time. She acts more my age than I do and it gets annoying, the drinking and smoking isn’t even the issue. She also says that she supports LQTBQ+ and is not racist and that she fights for what she believes in. But not only has she mad fun of asians, she has also said the n-word numerous times (we are not black-she has no right). It gets frustrating because she claims she acts like this because she had to grow up fast but in reality she had the most attention and and support from our parents that me and my other siblings have received in general. And to top it all off she is with her abusive boyfriend who has manipulated her physically and emotionally. She knows what he does is wrong and has broken up with him but yet she still refuses to stop communicating and interacting with him. Recently she has inherited some of his similar traits that she described he would do to her but now does them to me, for example yesterday she started screaming at me for forgetting an invitation and she began slapping me and my chest area. It was a simple mistake and she had huge anger issues just like her boyfriend or ex did, it’s confusing because I feel like I deserve it but at the same time i know it’s not right for her to be acting this way. I sometimes feel like she’s a bit bipolar but obviously i do not want to assume or call her emotions something that they are not. She acts as if acting acting grown up and paying for your bills and extra expenses is a great task but in reality it’s the least you could or should do as an adult.