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To my Skinny People

Hello Hello! Some skinny people are Insecure And i might know what some people are thinking WHAT NO THEY AREN'T THEY CAN NEVER BE INSECURE THEY ARE SKINNY AND SKINNY IS PERFECT And im telling you Think what you want but Yes skinny people have Insecurities And I talk from a Witnesses Point of view i have some friends who are Very skinny or skinny and is insecure about how skinny they are or Certain things like their thigh Gap Or How boney they are And Other things But Being skinny Is not a bad thing Some people prefer being skinny like some people prefer being chubby But It doesn't matter how much you weigh Or How you look your amazing and Beatiful No matter what! But To my skinny people Be you Darlins Your 'tO SkInNy ArMs' Are perfect no matter what they are so amazing And We can trace your veins and lines in your arms Your Thigh gap who Cares not Everyone has to have Flippin Chubby Thighs Your thigh gaps are amazing Plus you can put objects there With Having them slide in their and if somethin Falls out your mouth or Ketchup or Mustard falls it falls on the seat sometimes! And your drink wont always spill on you plus so Chafting Thighs! And Your Hands YES ARE AMAZING LIKE PLEASE DARLNINS LET ME SEE THEM also Some skinny girls think Oh They arent a specific shape Thats okay If someone doesn't love your body the way it is Fuck em The only opinon matters is YOUR ONLY YOURS OKAY Anways My loves and doves love you my skinny goddesses

Love , Ellađź’•