To new beginnings.. right? part 2

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Part 2.. ( Same author from original post)

As I was saying... I applied at my friends apartment complex and waited in hopes I would get approved and be able to rid myself of the anxiety of trying to find a place last minute.

I failed to mention that in the neighboring apartment complex I have an acquaintance, I would say friend but I am not sure what I would call him. I guess in this time and age I would say sneak link? booty call? friends with benefits??.. well regardless he lives directly next to my friends apartment complex. I also hadn't talked to him since long before I started apartment searching. So I thought no big deal, I had no plans in telling him about my move or where I would be moving to. Especially since I had not heard from him in weeks or over a month.

Fast forward to a week before I needed to be moved in to the new place and moved out of the old. I got approved and had all my paper work filled out scheduled and had everything ready for move in day! so exciting and proud of myself...At this point due to covid most places don't do physical tours of the apartment you will be getting so I had no idea which apartment I would have but I did know which building!

Low and behold! I happened to be in the building directly next door to my friend with benefits! I literally felt my heart fall out my ass. I was nervous! God please if it has to be this building please let it be an apartment that doesn't face and part of his apartment building!