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Its daysha C here. You and I talked about how happy we are. We kept talking about our lives and I think concert twice he said how is that how is being happy with how you look like or like something along those lines probably not that exact sentence, but uh—what I did I was say I love it it’s awesome it’s body it’s great super it’s solid 10 out of 10.
But if You and i spoke today, I would say that I feel like 5-10 things always come to bother me about my body the kind of features that can really get frustrate my chi on a daily basis but I honestly see them as little tiny achilles heels.

idk if i can grow to love them but quite arbitrary when you really think about it... lol I know insecurities are important tho and I don’t know how to put a bandaid over them honestly XD but it’s all right that they’re there.

u are clearly fighting through a hell of a lot in your life and I respect that. I respect how you embrace at all it’s like a steppingstone or something quirky and lpvabble and you don’t care too much— and I hope that you know that I can do that as well. But I mean if I could say something to your face I would say that my life feels like a Shit Show but you were totally totally correct when you said that it was perfectly imperfect.

See, i don’t have make up or life-coach or supportive parents or like a bunch of friends for anything to empower me but I do have a girlfriend and I do have a good side of me and It’s enough –so you are always right you were always right how — i do have a good thing going.. ~u~