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To PRO ANA..don't forget to read this <3

Pro Ana is ruining the main intent of this anonymous blogging site. Venting out emotions.

If you don't know I've searched for alternative anonymous blogging sites and this seems to be the most comfortable one. And people on here ain't wanting random advice and shit about how to become skinny, fat, malnourished etc. People have so many things to talk about..their feelings, bottled up emotions...stuff which they can't tell to others.

Answer this one question Pro Ana.

In what FUCKING way does burning calories do good to your body if your CONSCIENCE BURNS YOU WITH GUILT?

Im sure that when Im lying in my coffin I be so proud bout the weight i lost.

Bet you can't answer that cos you're too busy burning calories and people's lives. Sorry to interrupt you.

If people wanna DO SHIT like what you want to do, there are tons of videos on youtube and random ass flowcharts and stuff. We'll see those stuff, thanks.

And to correct you, anorexia ain't a fancy tik tok challenge. Unlike the keto diets and other '' do-able " stuff.....Anorexia is a DISORDER. Not fitness goals.

And because you seem mentally upset about YOUR BODY IMAGE and YOUR CALORIES and YOUR MISERABLE SICK LIFE, you don't need to sound like a fitness coach. They are qualified people out there who know how to maintain physical fitness. You ain't a fitness coach. You're way better hun. You're an ABSOLUTE DICK. Talking bout those calories you're asking us to give up on....take it. Keep those fuckin calories to yourself and ROT.

If Pro Ana happens to post any write ups about anorexia or any other sick stuff please report the blog as ''abusive''.

To all you people out there, stay safe, wear a mask and wash your hands.

Have a great day!

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5 months ago

Re: To PRO ANA..don't forget to read this <3

I sort of agree with you. I think I feel blood leaking in my heart. No insurance. So I came here to cleanse my soul before death. Instead I seem to be trying to help others. Some break my heart. Some want sex advice. Better places for that.

But a lot of females will kill themselves over their appearance. So you may be out of line. I don’t know enough to say either way. I agree with you that there are better sites to discuss dating; sex; & stuff. Thing is this one can’t be traced. My wife can see all my kids do. Cop relatives. So this site is great to ask Q’s you don’t want mom seeing. So I try to answer even the ridiculous at times.

On some sites I mess with people. Trying to wake them up. Don’t spend your life afraid of big foot. But I take this site serious & keep it brutally honest. This is the best site I’ve ever seen.


Im the one who wrote this.

Sorry to hear about the blood leaking from your heart...hope it spreads love as long as it lasts.

Btw im a happy to go girl but seeing others sad is the first thing i wanna unsee. It just breaks me to see sad peeps and when im free i kinda give suggestions and stuff....can't call it free advice tho...atleast the person would feel glad that people care about him/her and im overwhelmed if they feel the love.

And about your insurance, Ive raised a word about this in twitter and few friends.

Convey my love to your wife and kids.