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To someone special

I don't know where to start but you are the most special person who made my world brighten up. You are the most adorable person I've ever met and I don't wanna lose you. Cause you're the only person I love and adore for some reasons. You taught me how to be kind and patient. I wonder when am I gonna see you again, cause I really miss you so bad. I wanna be with you during Christmas break and summer vacation cause that's the time we're we have time to each other.

I hope you're feeling great even we're miles apart. I really miss the part where we went to the beach before Christmas and I'm so glad that you were there with our friends. That moment is so memorable cause I saw you're smile and that smile made my heart skips a beat and I don't want to lose it. I'm longing for you that one day you'll notice my feelings for you. No one ever made me feel like this and I want you to trust me and be there for me thru ups and downs. Cause you're the only person I have, nothing more.

 l love you and I miss you.