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to the girl i used to know

we used to be friends. i smiled when you smiled. i hurt when you hurt. i lifted you up when you were down. i was there when i was needed. i never told you all the times that i was hurt. i was really hurt. i never told you about it. you had your own problems. social stuff, drama or something. and your eating disorder. and anemia. you needed attention and i gave it to you. i would have died for you. i respected you. i wanted to be friends with you forever. i thought you thought equal of me. you didn’t. you pushed me to the side. i needed a lot of attention too. and i acknowledge that you gave me a lot. something that i am now realizing that other people can't give me. you knew what to say. except you didn't. i fill myself with so much hate for you. but an equal amount of love remains in myself. i adored you. i hated you at times. you were superficial. but you were there more than other people were. and i needed that. i needed you more. but you couldn't be there. and i don't blame you for that. i blame you for leaving. how could you leave when you knew i wasn't okay. i never opened up to anyone like i did to you. i barely told you anything. but at the same time i told you everything. how could you leave me alone. i wrote that a few months ago. i idealized you and then you left. and that messed with my head. i still miss you. i don't think i'll ever get over you. i hope you have a shitty life :)