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To the ones who raised themselves to be

To all the people who have raised themselves to be the adults they are, this is for you.

The ones who life has been unkind to, or at least not favoured. The ones who have spent many years voiceless in a world full of noise. The ones who have been surrounded by people, yet painfully alone, as they know they have to raise themselves in this world.

The ones driven by purpose but never by tangible love. The ones for whom trust was always a challenge because the physical world offers little to no opportunity or reason to do so. This is for the people who are truly self-made because they realised at a particular age that nobody was going to come and save them. The ones who really understood the limitations and rules of freedom, that you can do and be whoever you want, but to achieve this you are the one who has to take responsibility. The true price of freedom is the loss of the self that once was superficially bonded to people, communities, events and things. The only self that matters after this point is the internal self, as this, in reality, is all there is. The outside world is helpful as a tool and a manifestation, but real life always happens inside, because, quite frankly, this real life that is internal is the only one you can and ever will trust going through this life.

This is for the warriors, the healers, the artists and the dreamers who know they are here for a reason yet never get any kind of confirmation of this kind of purpose. You are alone, yet you are not. You feel you are the most connected of people, yet you are completely isolated. You are everything, yet nothing. Trust in something bigger tugging at your insides like little, invisible threads carrying you from the pit into glory. To exist like this is a constant battle, the first beginning in your own mind, the next as you try to stand by your integrity in a world constantly tells you stories that don't match up to what you know is true. Trust that this process and your life is designed to refine you, not break you. If you do break down, you always have the resources to get back up again. You were made to be indomitable in spirit, which in reality is all that matters and you know it, even though you sometimes feel the tug towards material gain as a means of making manifest what you know is real anyway. The time is now, yet timeless. Your life is glorious, yet painfully incommunicable. But through all this hell you suffer, you are never really alone, you are just cocooning until it is time.