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To the parents..

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To the parents that gave their child a Pogo Stick for Christmas;

What have you done!?

You know that your child has superhuman powers in that he is able to be the most obnoxious and noisy little * that the world has ever seen. He used to winge and scream and cry, we could hear him three floors above. We could hear you kick him out of the flat to 'calm down' outside in the car park. But he never would, he would scream even louder out there, fully aware of your neglect.

We thought those days were behind us when he started to age up. He seemed to calm down, you seemed to improve your parental skills. Until the pogo stick. Now, him (and his friend but, for real, the friend is not nearly as fucking bad as your son) spend 3 daily sessions pogo sticking up and down the car park.


That's fine, I guess. That's expected.

I'm not saying that your son can't enjoy his childhood.

But this morning, he stood outside my window and screamed as loud as he possibly could, his friend's name. You know, all kids do this, I remember doing this. But what happens after you have successfully screamed your friend's name for 15 straight minutes and they have not responded? It means your friend isn't coming to play this time, so maybe stop screaming?

Calling a child an obnoxious little *, is not my ideal way to spend a day. Because it's not even his fault, he doesn't know any better. It's your fault.

You guys are bad parents that clearly hold contempt for your child. It just feels as though you are not willing to raise him, teach him. He becomes too much, so you send him outside to play in a car park. The correct response to his shouting this morning, was just a reminder to your son that this is a community building and yes, everyone can hear him shouting. Not just his friend.

Your son doesn't understand this concept yet, and it's not his fault. It's your fault for giving up on him.

Something tells me, the reason your son's friend suddenly received a pogo stick was that of a bribe. As if to say 'Thank you for putting up with our son, so that we never have to''.

I cannot tell you how clear it is that you are neglecting your child. He spends more time in the car park than inside your house and he is lacking certain skills that only a parent can teach.

Why have children if you're not willing to parent them?


Three floors up.