today i dreamt about him.

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i had a dream about rhodes last night, i havent seen him in 7 months and all things i see or hear have haunted me ever since he broke it off. i kinda love when i deam about him, its the only way i can see him. my dream was so vivid, he still smelt the same, and his ring was still cold to the touch, even if his hand was warm. I was with my 2 friends brooke and danica, we decided to drive to his area for fun, there was a track circle and beside it was a place that had a lot of people, i dont remember what. we drove down a hill into a small neighbourhood which looked nothimg like his real one, and neither did his house. i was the only one that had gone to his house before, the girls said to me "why did we even come here" and we laughed. the door of this wierd run down house opened and he was sitting at a wooden circle table with his girlfriend, and my god is she gorgeous. we immediatley made eye contact, even now writing this i feel like i just got punched in the stomach. he seemed annoyed to see us, but of course we were over the moon to see him. i dont remember much of talking to him, but all of a sudden i just remember my mom being missing, and he was the only one who left the house to help us look, beside his house was a little forest, with wooden stairs up to a lookout in the trees, a good 5 stairs up and theres traintracks looking over the entire ocean.. confusing, i know. i was so extremely panicked, he could tell, we were looking everywhere for my mom, there was me him danica brooke and 3 others i dont know. dani and brooke left to go look on the tracks, the 3 were on the stairs looking around and me and eric were staying back because i was breaking down. i clearly remember him sitting on the rails of the lookout, and i was crying standing in between his legs. his warm arms hugged around me and in that moment i remember just missing him being mine so much. i cant remember much after that but all i can say is that he is one boy that you can never get over, theres something about him that keeps you feeling so loved, yet even more drained. i dont even want him back, and even if he wanted me again i wouldnt, but its moments like these that make me just miss him, thats all. miss the hugs, the smile, the laughs, just the feeling of being around him. today i dreamt about him, and i havent gotten the dream out of my mind since.