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today i want to go to sleep, to never wake up tomorrow.

I am not suicidal, but I want to never wake up. I want to feel comfort, I want to feel him there, and I want everything I’ve ever wanted, I want to rest off my life I just half lived hahahah. I’m 17, girl, I want to live in peace, and not have to worry about what the next day brings ever again. FUCK EVERYONE. FUCK THE WORLD SOMETIMES. I LOVE U NATURE, but FUCKING HELL, people are just irrelevant. I just wanna live school-free, I’m smart enough ! I’m confident, I’m happy, but I’m just so so damn sick and tired of feeling like this constant worry, anxiety, and most of all depression. I wanna dance in the feilds, I don’t wanna wake up tomorrow for any shit that’s gonna come my way. I HATE SOCIETY & MOST OF ALL I HATE ROUTINE. I WANT TOMATOES IN A FEILD, AND I WANT JOHNNY DEPP THERE TO LIVE WITH ME, the rest of my life. Thankyou.

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