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Too Late?

Im 18 and i am afraid it may too late to persue my dreams because im trapped in a situation that currently stops me from doing so. I am afraid that i may be considered to old to do what i want to do when i may be able to do it because the people for a soooo sucessful are young and attractive. It literally kills me inside as the days pass in quarantine and i have no way of fullfilling my dreams which gets me so inbelievably depressed and anxious as i fret about never being able to do what i want to do or being too old for it. I've decided to come here since my family is very neglectful and have no real friends that i can confide in.

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Re: Too Late?

It’s never too late to accomplish your dreams. As you never said what your dreams or situation are—I can’t really give you good advice as to how to accomplish it. But in general take small steps. You say your situation is restricting you from doing anything. So maybe you could slowly get out, or change a few things to make your dreams more accessible. And you are just starting your life at 18. Maybe most people start whatever it is earlier in life, but you still have years to do it. Go for it :)