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Too much

I'm overwhelmed. This year has simply been the worst. I got a scholarship to a really nice school, all was going well until we went into quarantine. The school moved onto an online platform, but after a month or so we got a message from the schoolvsaying that they're closing. Permanently. I started at a new online school and the work is just to much. I dont have any time left in the day to do the things i love. On a different note, I'm trying to figure myself out. I think that i have adhd, or anxiety(+depression). I've been doing some self-reflection and i realised that i'm gay. Its just too much right now.

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Re: Too much

That sucks. I suggest you put yourself first, no matter how much work you have set aside one hour to do things you like doing. Also, don't think too much about disorders, visit a therapist. That way you can get some help, advice and actually know for a fact that you have a particular mental health problem. Overthinking it is in vain and you're not getting anywhere. Being gay today is not a big deal, but it must be hard to come out especially if you live in a conservative area. If people are not going to accept your true identity, you don't need them. Of course, family is important and if their reaction is bad... Many things can happen. I hope your parents are not super conservative and religious and you're still living with them. If that's the case don't come out to them, start slowly coming out to the people that won't give a fuck and the ones you're comfortable with. You may give your parents some hints tho. I hope this helps! Everything is going to be fine.