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too much fucks given

hi! i just want to talk and not be judged. being the gang's clown is kinda hard. if i am in a dark place no one will think i need a friend. they will think it's still a joke. i am also the bridge,messenger and gucci dumpster of their problems. u know u are there for them but when u need them no one comes. i really though i matter but well i think it's just me.

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Re: too much fucks given

Hi! Hope you are doing well. I guess if your friends don't give importance to you ang the things that you do for them try leaving them behind. For its is very hard pushing yourself to please others and in the end you are destroying yourself. Find true friends that would accept and respect you. For you are made by the Lord for greater purpose. Don't limit yourself to having them as your world there are a lot of things to look forward to these world. You will be able to find genuine and good people try looking for them and in the process try being the same. Hope you'll be able to find your identity that you don't need to please people but just be yourself. God bless and be well. Praying for you. :)