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So i know its bad having a boyfriend and missing your ex but i cant help that . My boyfriend we shall refer to him as J so J is so nice when we text but on the phone hes so mean . Just the other night i was talk and HE started talking over me then told me to stop interupting him and it was annoying like his ex and it really hurt then he called me lame . I havent eaten im the past week and my mom came in WHILE I WAS ON THE PHONE WITH HIM and started talking about it then when she left i asked if he heard any lf that and he said yeah ima go play my game and hung up . And then we have my ex and ill refer to him as DD so DD and i dated 2 years ago and we have always been close and i have put him through hell and back and no matter what hes always treated me like a queen with nothing but respect and we were on the phone today and he told me he forgot how cute my voice was and all the memories and feeling just rushed back AND MAY I ADD ITS HIS BIRTHDAY AND UGH I DONT KNOW .

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