Totally Alone

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I am an only child. I moved schools 6 times and have no roots or friends. I had trouble finding work so I got a degree, but it didn't help. Then I got a masters degree in sustainable development after taking a shitty job as a call centre operator. Then I progressed but was never a manager, only a trainer of staff. Managers I found intellectual inferiors.

I suffered all my life from hyper hydrosis. It is where one sweats for no reason excessively. I sweat from my head and face. I have a muscle disorder as well..I could not build muscle. Women hated me sexually yet found me intellectually interesting.

I am 53 and no girl or woman has ever loved, fancied or even embraced me, nor have I ever had sex.

I cannot have pets as I have severe allergic reactions to animals and birds, or any kind of creature.

I cannot swim as I do not have the strength.

I looked after my mum and dad until they died in their 90s. I was a lone carer since 14 years if age

I am totally alone. I force myself to work on my own projects now.

These are to do with exposing financial corruption and the damage it does to our world and people.

My story is one of a lone struggle. Nobody cares if Iive or die No one will care for me. I would not want them to, as grief is an awful experience.

I think I am the loneliest person ever, for even beggars have friends. I help them as a volunteer, but the other volunteers hate me, as I bring extra food and blankets which I buy as I am very rich.

I walk alone through life happy I cause no misery now and in the future directly to anyone.