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Touch and jealousy.


Wow. Something some are scared of, something others love. He was the first one to every touch me like that. I never knew what to think about it. It made me feel comfortable but also uncomfortable. It really meant a lot to me though. I had been so mistreated it was nice to often get that remind he was present. Then I soon realized that’s how he treats every girl. It eventually turned into a competition. Who did he love more? Who did he follow on Instagram? Who did he give more compliments to? Why did he call her sweet when he has seen her be rude yet I’ve never hurt anyone of those girls? He bragged on her. He told her that he loves her. I miss what me and him used to be. I do. I’ve grown to be uncomfortable around him. He loves me but I’m not insecure to handle it. He’s not in the wrong, I am.