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tough stuff haha

hey :( I’m not sure what to do, I feel like my partner doesn’t love me anymore and it’s tough. they’ve been struggling with mental health lately and we don’t even talk a lot lately, they said they feel nothing towards anyone and they often mention their ex who mistreated them and I really want to be there for them but it’s a lot, they talk about them everyday and I’m not sure if I can give them the comfort they need :( is going on a break a good idea? I wanna be the best boyfriend I can be and give them what I can but they always isolate themselves from me and say they don’t trust anyone after their old friend group treated them very bad

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Re: tough stuff haha

mmh, idk if you’ve already figured this out but i was in the same position before. i kinda understand how you feel. it is usually a really bad sign when your SO starts mentioning

their ex often. while this could be because of trauma or something they may have experienced in the past with them, they shouldn’t be thinking about it if they are happy with you. i feel like all you can do is show them you are always going to there whenever they need a shoulder to cry on, dont give up on them if you genuinely think she/he loves you. but there is only so much you can do, you need to focus on ur own mental health too and not let theirs bring yours down. but other than that try to make them open up to you and try to understand and empathize. i dont think a break is the best idea because then they will feel even more alone and im sure you

wouldn’t like it. hope it goes well tho x

Honestly I think your partner just needs some reassurance. Sometimes its hard for a person to trust again, especially when you havent done anything to lose that trust. Maybe your partner suspects some foul play at hand and they dont want to confront you about it? From my perspective the main reason they would shut down is because they are worried that you arent there for them like they want you to be and the best answer to that is honest communication. Sometimes just talking openly and letting them know you arent going anywhere is the best solution