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Toxic Asian Parents' Mindset

Hi, don't know if someone wrote about this already. But here it is...

I'm writing this just to vent out my frustrations towards my father.

I just hate it when parents think of their children as an investment. I REALLY HATE IT!!

I have 4 siblings. My eldest brother (w/his wife) is now in Riyadh to work, while my other older brother and me are working here in our country. I have two younger siblings who are still studying. My father is already 60+ yrs old.

There is this annoying tradition in our country wherein if you are the eldest, you're supposed to take the responsibility of your parents to provide for the family. You being the eldest should be burdened to carry your family.

I'm just sad for my brother. He can't start his own family (he already wants to have baby) just because he has a responsibility to us.

I, on the other side, took the responsibility of providing for my youngest brother's education which is my will.

But what if I lose that will to help my family? What if my brother stop taking care of our family? Are we going to be a bad person??

It feels like we're doing this just because we need to, even if it is not our will anymore. It feels like in order for you to be a good child to your parents, you should be a worthy investment.

I love my parents though but sometimes I don't like their mindset. That if their child graduated college and will have decent work, they can already milk them like a cow.

Apologies for the bad flow of my words. I'm writing this while my father is asking for a large amount of money to my eldest brother in which my brother can't say no JUST BECAUSE HE IS OUR FATHER. *insert rolling eyes*

Am I bad for thinking bad about my father??

Your thoughts? Wanna know...