Toxic Gamers

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Why are gamers so damn toxic sometimes? I know not all gamers are toxic. I've actually found quite a lot of gamers that are not toxic.

But, the few that are toxic, seriously, why can't a game be something you play for fun? Why do you have to take it so damn seriously? Why do all these toxic players expect everyone to be a pro at the game? And expect to win every single game.

In a game, you either win or you lose. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. Why? Cuz at least you had fun. But these toxic players make the game not fun.

If we win the game, fine but it wasn't fun at all. If we lose, that's an even worst feeling. Not only did we lose because of toxic players, but we also couldn't have fun playing the game.

In the end, whether we win or we lose, no one really had fun. So, what's the point?

If it was an actual competition, then I get it. But, there's this thing called sportsmanship. Do you immediately try to beat your opponent up if you lose the game to them? No, right? I hope not.

Do you beat up your teammates if they were the cause of the loss? I trully hope not. Seriously, if you are a toxic player, try to restrain yourself a bit.

Sometimes the only reason a teammate performs horribly is because of your toxicity. What you say can affect their mood and that also affects their gameplay. Why can't these toxic people see that?

I would much rather you bash me for my gameplay while also giving me some pointers on how to improve than just simply saying I'm bad at the game.

At least, I get to learn something from that. If you just say "You suck at the game" what do I get from that?

I hope none of these toxic players are actually like that in real life. Cuz, I would feel sorry for the people who have to deal with them every single day of their lives.

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