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Toxic people in social media

You know, Facebook now is so toxic. People post about someone life etc. If there is an issue about someone, people doesnot condemn the act but condemn the person. There's nothing wrong if you want to point out what that person did is wrong. But what is wrong is pointing and keep shaming the person. They are not condemning the act but they're condemning and keeeeeeep shaming the person to the point where that person loss its interest to live. Some people shame the person for the sake of getting a spotlight in argument, some are just bandwagons. You know, in my country , mental health is less priority. So if there are people with mental problem, they are shamed not treated , not corrected. Especially, in the social media platform where theres no age limitation, when you post something you should mind the young people as an audience on your post. And wheen you post something that degrades other people , it is forever engrave and can be seen by next generation. You will forever shame that eprson, his family , his friend etc. Anyone who is has relation to that person. I hate this toxic mind of people. I really hate it.

Btw, i didnt experience being shame on social media but i know how grave the effect if ever people are like that.